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Metallic Foils

Metallic foils have been on the market for over 50 years, with choices in many different price segments. In appearance, metallic foils from various manufacturers can appear to be the same. However, in reality, metallic foils are an extremely advanced and complex chemical product in which quality differs dramatically based on the technical expertise of the factory producing the foil.

Better Compatibility versus Workability

Metallic foils can be made very strong to resist scratches and chemicals. One method in doing this is to increase the thickness of the topcoat, or by using a stronger topcoat to create more of a barrier. However, this can create an inflexible topcoat, resulting in difficulties of release (not a clean cut). A thinner topcoat that provides a clean release and strong barrier is ideal to satisfy both compatibility and workability.

Adhesives also make a difference in permanent bonding. Traditionally, the easiest method for high-speed decoration is to burn the foil into the plastic by using high heat and a large degree of pressure. Most primitive foils use this technique and do not hold to the substrate when exposed to a small amount of alcohol or product. Advanced foils bond to the substrate with a chemical reaction that is caused when heat and pressure are applied. This chemical reaction must fully complete within a thousandth of a second for high-speed decoration. These advanced types of foils perform far better in friction and compatibility (chemical resistance) tests. The foils NPI provides go through the toughest industrial testing standards while maintaining the best workability in the market. The various testing standards we have implemented for our foils are listed in attachment A. If anyone approaches you trying to sell their foil, ask them if their product surpasses any of the test results listed. The foils we supply to you are thoroughly tested and proven as the best in the industry. “Foils from NPI” means you are receiving the best foil on the market, and the assurance that your package is given the top quality decoration you deserve.  

Price versus Quality     

Nowadays, there are many suppliers who can produce metallic foils, and decorators can choose primitive to advanced foils depending on the quality and performance they provide. However, it is important that you specify what foil your decorator will use. Otherwise, you risk that your decoration will end up with the lowest cost foils available. The dramatic difference in quality will become apparent in the days after the consumer opens the box and begins using the product. By specifying ”NPI Foil”, you are assured of the best quality and performance to decorate your package.

Safety / Green  

Unfortunately, the use of prohibited chemicals in package decoration is a modern hazard. If your decoration is contaminated with prohibited materials, the damage to your company and brand name are devastating. When evaluating the environmental safety (green) of the foil, the foil manufacturing plant and the material suppliers must be scrutinized with regard to the base film, release coat agent, ink, adhesives, and additives. It must be assured that the factories providing the raw materials to the foil manufacturer are established organizations with a documented history, and have quality control procedures in place. For this reason, we manufacture our metallic foils exclusively in Japan, where we are assured that the completed foil is environmentally safe.

The current market trend of cost cutting has driven many decorators to seek lower end foils. This can result in short term savings, but long-term damage to your brand name and reputation. For this reason, specifying the particular foil you want the decorator to use assures your product of being environmentally safe and green.


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