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Hot Stamping Machines

Hot stamping machines are an important part of decorating your package with foils. With NPI’s hot stamping machines, you can decorate flat, round, oval, and irregularly shaped surfaces.

When NPI first began supplying heat transfer labels and metallic foils in the early 90s, hot stamping machines that possessed the ability to apply heat transfer labels were not commonly available. The machines being used in the market were primarily for die-stamping or banding applications of metallic foils. Integrating heat transfer label application into the decorating capabilities of U.S. factories was difficult.

In order to break heat transfer label application into the market, we began to supply advanced hot stamping machines with our heat transfer labels as a turnkey system. This approach opened up not only plastic decorating applications, but applications for glass decoration as well. We then began designing new types of machines, such as HYBRID machines, which accommodate both die-stamping and heat transfer applications.

Our standard machine is compact, versatile, and easy to use. One small machine can decorate round, oval, and irregular shapes. Our fully automatic machines come in two base models that can be customized for the specific application.

Whenever you have a project, you can come to NPI for the machine, foils, decoration technique, and on-site training, as an all-in-one package.



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