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A Message From the President

North Pacific was founded in 1991 and has been supplying metallic foil, heat transfer labels and hot-stamping equipment.  Since then, we have firmly established a reputation as a reliable supply source who can solve problems and implement a total production line as a turnkey system in your global supply chains in North America and Asia.  In 2007, we ventured into supplying in-mold decorating systems as the future of plastic decorating industry.  

We have two principles in operating our business.

First: “Make sure we have the capability to provide technical support whenever we supply the system, and wherever the system may go.”

Second: “To supply foils that have proven quality and an established history of the manufacturing plant.  In this, we make sure the supply source for raw materials to the manufacturing plant are proven in quality control.”

As the “Global Economy” progresses, North Pacific is not hesitant to evolve with the changes necessary to fit into the new era of supply chains from overseas.  Develop your product domestically with us and once completed, we can deliver it to anywhere you request.

We are unable to deny the stresses that globalization is bringing to the world’s ecosystem and populations, which may force changes sooner or later.  However, North Pacific is determined to continue supplying the best decorating methods that are innovative, more valuable, and environmentally friendly to the industry for the coming years.

We appreciate your continued support for our business.

Best regards,


Tsugio Imai
North Pacific International, Inc

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