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In-Mold Decorating Technology

With the In-Mold Decorating (IMD) process, NPI offers a selection of high end graphic resolutions and unique top coats for a variety of applications. The customer may select the best combination of formulas for their needs from each of our categories. Once formulation and graphics are determined, the foil will be printed on a continuous roll of film.  

Top Coats

1) Self-Healing Top Coat
2) UV Top Coat (hard coat)
3) Normal Top Coat

1) Chrome Coat
2) Metallic Coat
3) Non-Conductive Metallic Coat
4) Brushed (hairline) and Holographic effect

Design & Features

1) Dead Front with Static Capacitor Switch
2) LCD Display Window
3) Textured Surface
4) Illusion (pop up)
5) Metallic colors
6) Non-Conductive Metallic
7) Deflection Ink
8) Four Color Process
9) Up to 9 colors
10) Pearlescent Effect
11) Magnet Stripe  (pending)
12) Electric Circuit (pending)


IMD is ideal for three-dimensional shapes with recesses, steps, holes and other irregularly shaped surfaces (certain restrictions may exist). NPI will guide you in designing the best fit for your in-mold decorating process.


IMD requires a special mold built for the process.  NPI provides this special mold and the IMD foil to the customer. We test the mold for feasibility and prove it for mass production prior to installation at the customer's site.    
The IMD mold must accommodate the straight film for irregular surfaces. The mold we provide has the features to form and position the film for this process.

Foil Feeder

The foil feeder is a mechanism that feeds the IMD film into the mold and takes up spent film as the molding process progresses.  The foil feeder has an automatic positioning adjustment mechanism and independent control stands that are all digitally adjustable by the touch of a finger.  NPI provides this foil feeder in various sizes.

Contact NPI today and let us show you how In-Mold Decorating technology can benefit you.  


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