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In-Mold Decorating Turnkey Process

NPI offers a complete turnkey In-Mold Decorating system for your adoption of the IMD process.  If you do not have experience with in-mold decorating, we will guide you through possible artworks, shape, cost, scheduling, pilot run, installation and on-site training. 

Normally, a pilot run of your new IMD foil is tested and proven at NPI’s facility, and the entire system will be transferred to your facility upon successful completion.  Our turnkey system will work best if NPI provides the entire system, which includes the foil, mold, and foil feed system.   

Currently, many industries have shifted manufacturing to Asia.  NPI, as a global supplier, is capable of supporting your manufacturing overseas.

NPI's turnkey system eliminates the need for the molder to work with multiple vendors such as the foil manufacturer, foil feed machine builder, mold maker, and others.  We bring it all together for the molder so the process is centralized.  We will make the mold, produce the foil, and test it together at our facility before installation and startup at the molder's facility.  Our turnkey system includes the following:
Foil Feed System

System mounts to moving platen.  Rolls of foil are fed from top of feeding system and the spent carrier film is wound below.  Various sizes available.

The mold is specially designed for in-mold decorating.  The mold is designed with foil clamping mechanism and vacuum suction of film into mold.
In-mold Foil

In-mold foil is pre-printed on PET film and supplied in rolls.  Rolls are mounted at the top of foil feeding system which will feed and index the foil.  Used foil is wound at bottom.

We will provide assistance in installing the foil feed system onto your electric injection molding machine
On-site Training

We will provide on-site training for the installation, operation, and maintenance of the foil feeding system and in-mold decorating.
On-site Tech Support

We provide on-site support for troubleshooting and production setup.



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