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In-Mold Decorating Applications

IMD has various applications due to the advantage of an all-in-one shot process and the features it offers. Cell phones and portable devices have been very common as IMD applications.  However, the emerging new printing technology is expanding the market, and possible applications.

Touch Screens and Dead Front

Our IMD can combine dead front surfaces with a static capacitor switch.  When the dead front device is not in use, the surface appears as a piece of a room’s interior design.  When in use, the surface of this piece turns into an advanced electronic control panel with backlights revealing touch sensitive buttons.

Self-Healing and UV Top Coats

Our IMD can incorporate a self-healing top coat that repairs surface scratches automatically in seconds.  Scratches disappear, and the surface becomes smooth and glossy once again. This new featured surface is several times stronger than conventional spray coating for continuous friction. This amazing feature will add tremendous value to any decorated surface.  Also available is an integrated UV Top Coat.

Textured Surface

Our IMD can print a textured surface onto IMD foil, or create texture on the part by the mold cavity.  Also, we can print the appearance of a textured surface by illusion. These versatile options will enable various applications that were not possible in the past.

Chrome Coat

Our IMD can incorporate a real chrome that is pre-coated on the IMD foil.  This feature eliminates a secondary chrome coating process that is costly and time consuming.

Metallic, Brushed Metallic, and Holographic

Our IMD can incorporate metallic, brushed , and holographic backgrounds with text.  This feature is excellent for applications in molding electronic devices and appliances.

Non-Conductive Metallic

Our IMD can incorporate Non-Conductive metallic ink.  This non-conductive metallic ink will not interfere with electronic circuits or IR frequencies.  You can use this feature for decorating your electronic components.

Other Features

Other common available IMD features we supply include incorporating 4-color process graphics, deflection inks, pearlescent effects, up to 9 colors, and standard topcoats.

New Developments

We have developed the capability to incorporate Magnetic Strips and Electronic Circuits in to our IMD films. If you have possible applications, please contact us to discuss the feasibility.




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