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Heat Transfer Foil (Multicolor Foil)

NPI began supplying Heat Transfer Foil (Multicolor Foil) in the early 90s. Our heat transfer foil are unlike pressure sensitive labels in which glue plays a major part in the transfer. Our foil is applied to the plastic surface in the exact same manner as hot stamping. In this process, the plastic surface melts and bonds with our adhesives, which undergo a chemical reaction (induced by heat and pressure from the machine), forming a permanent bond. The entire reaction takes place in an instant, being very suitable for rapid, mass production.

As we began selling heat transfer foil, we immediately became aware that very few customers in North America possessed the correct equipment to apply them. In order to break into the market, we began providing hot stamping machines along with our heat transfer foil as a turnkey system. Since then, heat transfer foil has become much more prevalent due to the overall advantage in comparison to other decorating techniques.

Heat transfer foil enable multiple color application with gradation and four color process at a reasonable cost. Is also makes possible the combination of metallic gold or silver with regular ink colors in the same image.

Development from the Design Stage

We need to emphasize the importance of our involvement at the development stage, when neither part drawings nor designs are completed. At this stage, we can start working with you for available design possibilities and artistic effects. We can guide you through what needs to be changed for the most efficient method of decoration.

Gravure versus Silkscreen

When NPI produces heat transfer foil, we have the choice of printing the images by either the gravure or silkscreen methods. The gravure printing method is suited for high volume production at an economical cost. The silkscreen printing method creates an excellent finish with opacity and special effects. NPI presents both options to our customers for a price and performance comparison.

New Technology

There have been many advances in the production of heat transfer foil in the past several years. Many of the advances that have emerged include: self-healing topcoat, metallic, holographic, brushed pattern with text and/or design in a single image, mirror-ink metallic, deflection ink, half mirror, pearl ink, ink transfer, and many others.

Safety and Quality versus Cost

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of heat transfer foil around the world. It’s no surprise to find large cost differences in the same finished product depending on the country and factory producing the heat transfer foil. However, once you scrutinize the factory with regard to the environmental safety (green), compatibility, workability, quality control data management, and repeatability of their foil, only a handful of factories are as qualified as NPI. We emphasize the importance of known quality suppliers of raw materials to our factories, and their manufacturing location. As a result, the four factories that produce our heat transfer foil are all located in Japan.

Global Support

We can develop the project with you locally in North America, and support your production globally in Asia, Mexico, or other countries. We offer a turnkey system where we develop the foil and machine for your project, as well as install the complete system, including training at your plant. Once in mass production, we will be responsible for the supply of foil through NPI North America, NPI Japan, or our partner offices.

Wherever your part is made, as long as we are the supplier of foil, you are assured of environmental safety (green) and quality.    

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