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The Hot Stamping process for decorating plastics has been around for over 50 years. The basic principles of hot stamping have not changed over this period, and many people assume that as a method of decorating plastics, hot stamping has reached its full maturity.   

However, there are still tremendous innovations occurring regularly in Japan, where NPI produces our foils. These innovations are sustained by factories that are subdivided, and specialize in individual areas of hot stamping expertise. As the technology and applications expand, this specialization goes into greater detail for the base film, releasing coat, barrier, ink, metalization, and adhesive of the foil. As this subdivision progresses, there is an increased demand for a separate sales and marketing organization, which coordinates multiple factories as a single source of supply. Consequently, North Pacific acts as an exclusive sales and marketing force for several different factories, while leading these factories for innovation and development. Each factory specializes in a different category of the NPI product line that do not compete with one other.  

This unique cooperation and division between the factories and NPI is a source of our strength. We can provide the best product for each area of application to our customers, while the factory is able to concentrate their resources on the development and production of the best quality foils.  

NPI also provides hot stamping machines together with our foils as a turnkey system. Whether it is a semi-automatic, fully automatic, or custom machine, we can design and build a machine for you.

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