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NPI has been providing foils to decorate glass bottles with organic ink for many years. There are several different categories in our product line for this application:

Metallic foil on Epoxy Ink
We supply GP-R series metallic foils that have an excellent protective coat against scratches and aggressive chemicals.  Normally, decorators silkscreen epoxy ink directly onto the glass surface and cure it. Then, as a secondary process, this GP-R foil is applied on top of the epoxy ink surface by hot stamping. The GP-R foil will only adhere to the epoxy ink surface.


Ink Transfer Label on Glass surface

We can supply an ink transfer type label that will apply a pre-printed image onto the glass surface, which will then be cured in an oven for bonding. Up to 9 colors are possible with tight registration.   

Metallic Label on spray coated Glass Bottle/No Cure
We can also supply a Metallic Label that will transfer a pre-printed metallic image on spray coated glass surfaces, which does not require a post-application cure. The effect could vary by the type of spray coating method.

Please call us to discuss the feasibility to decorate your glass bottles with our system.


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