IMD technology is an ink and metallic graphics transfer that occurs during the plastic injection molding cycle and offers a variety of design options including UV top coats. Printed and inserted into the injection molding machine on a roll (no forming or pre-cutting required), iMD technology offers the ability to bring brushed, mirror, dead front, tech patterns as well as registered images to either the "A" or "B" side of the molded part. Let our design engineers review your requirements and explore the endless possibilities.
North Pacific International Inc. offers a selection of high end graphic resolutions and unique top coats for a variety of applications. The customer may select the best combination of formulas for their needs from each of our categories. Once formulation and graphics are determined, the foil will be printed on a continuous roll of film. NPI takes care of everything from providing the supplies to training the staff to properly execute the iMD process. 

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Automotive Interior Grade 
Electric Grade 
Irregular Shape 
Soft Touch 

Advantages of In-Mold Decorating (iMD)

  • Ability to mold plastic parts with fantastic colors and impressive finishes
  • High detailed graphic transfer (flat, 3D, or curved graphics)
  • Apply vibrant colors 
  • Unlimited set of apperances such as patterns and textures (soft touch) 
  • Decorate different sections of the plastic part (Opaque, Translucent, Clear)
  • Eliminate secondary steps since plastic injection and decorations are done in one cycle
  • It's a continuous cycle 
  • Results in an exquisite presentation

Why iMD?

With IMD you get the benefit of covering all irregularities and depths with an unlimited set of appearance options. 
Vacuum ports hold the labels in place and on to the surface of the mold to cover even the toughest areas of the decorated part. 
Detailed graphics are transfered from the label to the plastic part during the injection process.
North Pacific will work along side of you throughout the entire process. We will provide the feasibility study, sample submission, fabricate the mold and manufacture the labels. The entire system is then installed into your facility and that is done entirely by us. Did we mention we also train your existing staff so that you can begin production? No prior experience is neccessary for this new business venture. 
Dead Front IMD has been seeing great growth in the Automotive industry as well as with Electronics. With new smart surfaces being introduced to the markets and new applications being requested, it is up to us to supply our customers with the proper Labels that can be applied onto these new advancements. 

Our labels all carry great protection against UV rays and the harsh heat that exists inside the cabin of the vehicle. They have passed rigorous testing and compatability tests which is why many production companies seek this new process. 


  • Automotive 
  • ​Consumer products 
  • Electronics
  • Instrument panels 
  • Appliances 
  • Handheld devices
  • LCD Displays
  • ​Touch Screens

Dead Front IMD with Capacitive Sensor and LED

NPI is a leading supplier of IMD Molds and IMD services that have been benefiting the market for the last 25 years. We make sure that all specifications and requirements established by our customers are met. Along with the Molds we also provide full installation and training so that you do not have to trouble yourself. Our products usually perform best when we provide all parts and services such as the Molds, Foil Feeding Machines, IMD Labels, Proper Installation and Training and additional spare parts. 

If you see an opportunity in adopting IMD but are not fully familiar with the process simply contact us we are here to guide you towards the right direction. 

About the Company

About Us
NPI is a leading supplier of Hot Stamping Machines, Hot Stamping Foils, Heat Transfer Labels, and IMD Molds. The company has been providing the industry with safe and environmentally friendly products for over 25 years. The large range of products provided enable customers to differentiate their products with remarkable looks using our products and services that are truly in demand.

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If you are not entirely sure whether IMD is right for you give us a call. We offer a complete turn-key system for your adobtion of the iMD process. We provide feasibility studies for the part, shape and artwork. Our team can also provide you with a quotation for prototype sampling, fabrication and trial runs to make sure everything is done correctly.