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Fully Compatible with our Labels & Foils

Our Machines are designed to work with any set of Labels and Foils. If all you require is the equipment for your production, we will make all modifications to assure its compatibility. We do recommend using our Labels and Foils simply because we do the full installation and this way we can guarantee the system will be a perfect Turn-Key set up. 


North Pacific has been in the business for over a quarter of a century and has been working along side the big companies in several industries. From Cosmetics to Consumer products, we have been providing the best supplies for product decorations. NPI promises its customers reliability and above all, complete satisfaction. 
We make sure that what we deliver is going to be fully functional for the years to come. That is why we build our machines with the best in materials while keeping costs down for our customers. Our teams and engineers work endlessly to build the perfect system that will be compatible with any project that may come afterwards and all other projects after that. Due to its ability to be fully customizable, you don't only get a machine for one project, you get a piece of equipment that can be used endlessly for many years. 

We do any and all modifications and also the entire installation. One of our team members will personally arrive to your facility and make the installation to make sure that the system is running full cycles with no errors. 

You can count on us for a perfect set up. 
The machines we carry all come fully automated and well-equipped with the latest technology that will make them easy to operate. We deliver and fully install all orders into your facility regardless of location. NPI also provides training for your new and current staff so that you can begin production immediately. ​

Some specification include: 

- PLC and touch screen
- Servo motor for foil feeding, constant foil tension control
- Input/Output conveyer, loading/unloading system
- Clean system and eliminate static
- Digital temperature controller
- Loading/unloading detect function
- Photo-electrical sensor for foil position
- Parameter digital setting

* May be different for some machines and their applications
Secure your project with our Turn-Key System guaranteed to work for you. 
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NPI is a leading supplier of Hot Stamping Machines, Hot Stamping Foils, Heat Transfer Labels, and IMD Molds. The company has been providing the industry with safe and environmentally friendly products for over 25 years. The large range of products provided enable customers to differentiate their products with remarkable looks using our products and services that are truly in demand.
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