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North Pacific International is committed to provided safe and enviromentally friendly products. Our metallic foils exceed ROHS and REACH regulations while achieving the highest compatibilty standards in the industry.

​Our Wide products selections will satisfy a variety of application needs such as high speed decorations, stamping on UV coated surface's and wide area decorations.

​North Pacific International combines enviromental friendly, workability, and the toughest compatibility as the #1 quality foil supplier in the industry.​​​

We carry many types of Foils for just about any application.
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Half-Mirror Metallic Foil 
Our Half-Mirror Foils have been adobted to be used as mirror surfaces that can potentially hide displays or led lights that have been covered with the film. The benefits of this approach is that the product can look flush and attractive while hiding any visible alerts until LED light is presented making the sign or lettering visible to the naked eye. 
Metallic Foil for Lamination 

Our Lamination Foils are just like the standard Foils that we supply. The only difference is that these carry superior UV resistance protection. These can be used for consumer products that are exposed to the UV light more frequently. They also come in a variety of colors and finishes. Consult with us to see if this is the right type of Foil for you. 

Holographic Foils
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We have a selection of holographic foils that have been used to make cosmetic containers look more appealing and attractive to the consumers eye. Whether you prefer Halo effects or Holographic shapes, we have that for you. 

Automotive Grade Foils

Our Automotive grade foils have now made a breakthrough into the market due to its compatability and reliability. They have been tested to withstand severe scratching, abrasion, rubbing and scuffing. Many companies have found an opportunity with replacing chrome plating parts with Hot Stamping ones. If you are seeking new alternatives to save you on costs, this could be your solution. 


Interior Use
- Trims
- Steering Wheel 
- Transparent Films for Touch sensitive panels

Exterior Use:
- Front Fascia 
- Badges and Trims​


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NPI is a leading supplier of Hot Stamping Machines, Hot Stamping Foils, Heat Transfer Labels, and IMD Molds. The company has been providing the industry with safe and environmentally friendly products for over 25 years. The large range of products provided enable customers to differentiate their products with remarkable looks using our products and services that are truly in demand.
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Pigment Foil
​Pigment foils contain metallic powder that come in various colors and shades. Its capabilities are that of silk screen printing and can bond to surfaces that can be troublesome to directly print on to. 

This foil has high resistance to tough weather conditions and heavy abrasion. They come in glossy and matte finishes and can be used for automotive applications and cosmetics. they easily bond to plastics such as ABS, PS, and AS and if you require a different application simply contact us. 

Glitter Finish Foil
​There has been an increse in popularity with this foil in the cosmetic market. We look forward to incorporate this permanent decoration into all future sample pieces. NPI will color match your specific required ink and provide the best solution for all applications from full wrap to banding.

Specialty Foil for Industrial Use
Our Specialty Foils use different matals with special characteristics for specific applications. Although they use Aluminum Metalization, there is an option of Tin-metalized for those applications where customers require non-conductive metals. The other Foil is Chrome-metalized with Corrosion Resistance technology that can withstand the test of time. These Foils contain great protection against UV rays and harsh weather conditions that it makes them a great choice for some applications. 

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Foil Application Chart
  1. Polypropylene
    High speed banding and text excellent overlap
    PP-A IMP1
  2. Rigid Plastic (ABS/SAN)
    High Speed Banding and Text Excellence Overlap
    ST-A IMP2
    Rival Team
  3. PET-G & UV Gloss
    High Speed Banding & Text
    TA-A IMP2
    Rival Team
  4. UV-Matte Surface
    Text & Lines for UV-Matte Coated Surfaces
    Rival Team
  5. UV-Gloss Surface & PP/ABS/SAN
    A. Text and lines for UV-Gloss coated surfaces B. Wide are decoration for Rigid Plastic
    Rival Team
  6. PE Bottles/Tubes
    Text and Lines
    Rival Team
  7. PE Bottles/Tube
    Very fine/small text Sharp Image
    Rival Team
Foil Compatability 
  1. Alcohol Resistance
    Dipping in 99.5% EtoH for 4 hours at 50°C 95RH
  2. Water Resistance
    Dipping in running water for 48 hours
  3. Fingernail Resistance
    Scratch lightly with fingernail
  4. Pencil Hardness
    M in. HB Uni-Pencil with force of 1kg
  5. Adherence
    Test on cross-cut surface (to make 100 cells) by using Nichibun 24mm wide tape
  6. Heat Resistance
    168 hours at 60°C
  7. Cold Resistance
    168 hours at -20°C
  8. Humidity Resistance
    168 hours at 40°C 95% RH 120 hours at 60°C 95% RH
  9. Thermal Shock Resistance
    4 cycles of 1 hour at -20°C and 1 hour at 60°C
  10. Rub 100+ and 300+ Strokes
    With force of 1 kg/cm with IPA denatured alcohol
  11. Perspiration Resistance
    168 hours at 60°C
Our foils have one of the highest compatability ratings in the country and it is why we are the number one supplier for many corporations across the globe. 
A combination of both of our products, Heat Transfer Labels and Metallic Foils, are used to achieve a design like the ones shown here.
Foils with UV-Top Coat
Our foils consist of layers that have their own special properties and functions
Carrier Film 
UV-Top Coat Layer
Adhesive Layer