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North Pacific International was founded in 1991 with one thing in mind, to serve the industry and supply our customers with a variety of reliable and top quality products from Japan. We are a mid-sized company that only continues to grow thanks to our loyal customers who have benefited from our expertise and dedication. We work alongside our partners to provide you with the best and only solution that will satisfy your demand.
We are not on the phone to discuss business, we are building long lasting relationships. 


Our team is full of individuals who not only love what they do, but are dedicated to serving you. They have one thing in mind and that is to make sure your project is properly executed with the right products and services. We are always available and are a quick phone call away, so if you are in need of consultation or more specific information reach out to us. We are not on the phone to discuss business, we are building long lasting relationships. 

Why North Pacific ?

    Our foils and heat transfer labels distinguish themselves through excellent compatibility, workability and consistency. This has led to our steady growth over the last 25 years.
    Our foils and heat transfer labels are safe and meet ROHS, REACH and other government standards. We check the source of our material all the way back to the origin of material supplier.
    North Pacific only produces foils and heat transfer labels at the plant that do NOT emit hazardous materials into the environment. We are committed to preserving our planet for future generations.
    Advanced technology and innovation are fundamental to North Pacific. You will see unique features and technology that can distinguish your product.

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About Us
NPI is a leading supplier of Hot Stamping Machines, Hot Stamping Foils, Heat Transfer Labels, and IMD Molds. The company has been providing the industry with safe and environmentally friendly products for over 25 years. The large range of products provided enable customers to differentiate their products with remarkable looks using our products and services that are truly in demand.
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North Pacific holds various types of factories under its umbrella that are unique in their own specialty. Each factory has a state of the art clean manufacturing plant and advanced technology for innovation. North Pacific works with them as an exclusive managing organization for the sales, marketing and logistics of these factories in North America.